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Recommended Resources

I do a lot of reading and research both for my investing practice and my blog building business. It is easy to get to a point where you feel like you may know it all. I know when I was younger I often felt that way.

The older I get the more I’ve learned that I don’t know very much at all and that life always provides new lessons to learn.

With that said there are a lot of blogs, YouTube Channels and other resources that I find useful and you may to. So I want to create a section on this site where I can share some of this information with you.

General Business Blogs/Youtube Channels

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Website/Blogging/Online Business Resources

Passive Income Unlocked – Jeff over at Passive Income Unlocked along with his team of four co-founders own at the time of this writing six niche sites that generate between $20,000 and $45,000 per month depending on the time of year. Between the blog and Jeff’s Youtube channel he shares his knowledge and experience of site building.

Niche Informer – Jesse is a blogger over at Niche Informer. In addition to the blog he also has a YouTube channel. Jesse was a web developer and was able to quit his job and transition into a full time website owner/content publisher.

White Hat Blogging – Josh is a good friend of mine and is a fellow site builder. He has a lot of great content around the somewhat more technical side of running a publishing business. From how to setup and maximize revenue from Ezoic to customizing a WordPress theme to improve user experience.

Josh also runs a YouTube channel providing video content around the same topics.

Yeys – Yeys is a blog run by Anne Moss. Anne is another highly successful publisher who has built a huge blog empire that brings in somewhere around $50-$60k per month gross. Through her blog she has a wealth of information around running a fairly large content publishing business.

Learning how to build a team and go from a sole operator to more of a management role letting others do the work for you while you lead more of the strategy and vision is really what you can take away from Anne’s blog.

Blogger On The Rise – Laric who runs blogger on the rise is like Anne Moss junior (I hope they both take this is a complement). Anne has built her business to scale and add a lot of content month over month. I think Anne has been running her business a little longer, but from the outside looking in it appears Laric is following a similar path and will see long term success. Laric’s income reports and month over month growth is inspirational, especially considering she is still working full time.

Four Pillar Freedom – Zach is a younger (than me) guy who when I found his blog I knew from the first article I read I was going to like him. It felt like we were operating out of the same playbook and he reminded me of my younger self.

Zach was in a data scientist role and on the side started a handful of blogs such as the one linked above and another one on statistics. Eventually these blogs allowed Zach to quit his full time job and work on his publishing business full time.

Investing Content and Resources

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Recommended Products and Services That Will Make Life Easier

Some of these resources may be affiliate links. I am not recommending something here that I don’t personally use and I am not only recommending things that make me money. If it is a good product, tool or resource I will list it here. If it is a terrible product, tool or resource you won’t see it here. Simple as that.

Web Hosting

Cloudways – Cloudways is a hosting service that lets you access cloud hosting from the likes of AWS, Google Cloud, Vultr and Digital Ocean while providing you and easy to use control panel and access to some level of support for these services that they do not offer themselves.

I highly recommend this service but it does take a little research and technical ability to set it up. I am not overly technical (just persistent) and I have been using them for some time now, so I am confident almost anyone can figure it out.

NameCheap EasyWP Cloud Hosting – For new sites or for diversification I also have some of my websites on NameCheap hosting. Independent reviews and my own personal experience show that NameCheap cloud hosting is extremely fast for the amount it cost per month which makes it a great value for those just getting started.

Writing Services

In addition to the writing I do and a couple individuals that write for me I do utilize some writing services to provide additional content. Content services you often get what you pay for, you can hire places that are cheap but you will often spend a lot of time editing or you can spend a little more and get content that is publish ready.

The following services for the most part provide publish ready content.

My #1 rated site for content is The Content Authority. They provide high quality content that is pretty much publish ready. My favorite aspect is the quick turn around time for content orders.

The second site for content I can recommend is We Write Blog Posts the quality is equally as good but content can take a month or more to get completed. This somewhat frustrates me because you have to order and pay at the same time so they are holding your money for a month or more.

Ad Providers

Ezoic – When I want to put ads on my site I like to use Ezoic, they are also a “technology platform.” Yes they have the technology to put ads on your site, but they have AI technology that constantly works to provide you a way to place the ads and adjust the balance between maximizing revenue and user experience.

They also provide other technology solutions such as site speed technology, reporting and analytics as well as a title tag tester which essentially allows you to split test blog post titles to improve clickthrough rate.